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New performing arts venue for Brisbane

In May 2018, the Queensland Government announced its commitment of $125 million over four years to deliver a new $150 million theatre for Brisbane, to be located on the Playhouse Green site at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). QPAC will also contribute $25 million towards the new theatre.

Queensland Government investment in a new theatre responds to the recommendations of the detailed business case, commissioned in 2016,  for a 1500-1700 seat theatre operated by QPAC at this site.  

The new theatre at QPAC presents the unique opportunity to invest in its growth to create Queensland’s largest performing arts centre, with five outstanding venues that will further bolster Queensland’s cultural vibrancy, support our local arts sector and drive cultural tourism.

QPAC’s operation of the new theatre will mean it can program across all five venues within the centre to ensure our home companies – Queensland Ballet, Queensland Theatre, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Opera Queensland - are supported by the best sized venue and season duration, while also meeting growing audience demand for musicals and other performing arts. 

QPAC schedules over 1000 performances annually and welcomed 1.3 million people in 2017. The new theatre offers the potential to host an additional 300,000 visitors each year when it is fully operational from 2022.

Next steps

Planning in now underway to support the delivery of the new theatre.

An independent expert panel, with expertise in heritage, design, architecture, and theatre operation, has been established to provide advice on the design and construction of the new theatre.

A national design competition will be undertaken to deliver an exemplary design solution for the new theatre. The design for the new theatre within the Heritage Listed Queensland Cultural Centre, will also be guided by the Conservation Management Plan, which was developed by heritage consultants in 2017.

The Queensland Government is also committed to engaging with key communities and stakeholders including Traditional Owners throughout the life of the project.

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