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AQ Case Studies

Explore case studies about activities and organisations funded under our Investment Framework as well as other projects and initiatives that offer useful reflections on practice and outcomes for you and your arts business.

Pormpuraaw Cultural Use of Plants

Maintaining and sharing the region's cultural knowledge has a been akey outcome in the development of a new book Pormpuraaw Cultural uses for Plants.

28 Mar 2018

Environmental Art Showcase

Art sessions provided additional resources for North Queensland students and educators, enriching their experiences with artistic creativity and the natural environment.

21 Mar 2018

Dogwood Crossing Public Program

The Dogwood Crossing Exhibition Program is engaging children and adults in textile,mosaic and potttery workshops.

14 Mar 2018


The Matilda Award-winning production Viral helped its creators secure a contract with the 2018 Commonwealth Games Arts Festival.

12 Mar 2018

Pormpuraaw ghost nets enlightening new audiences

Artists work from the Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre was showcased at two major events raising the profile of centre, supporting professional development and opening up opportunities.

7 Mar 2018

The Soldier's Wife

Using song, The Soldier's Wife Inititative is telling the stories of servicemen's families affected by war.

28 Feb 2018
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