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Arts Development Workshops in Lockhart River

Workshops at Lockhart River Arts Centre have helped artists build their knowledge of art gallery processes and led to new opportunities.


Artists from Lockhart River Art Centre are gaining knowledge around the expectations and role of galleries in exhibiting and selling art with the assistance of the Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery, Hobart.

Four workshops, each taking place over two days, covered: 

  • Ethical practices of an art gallery in handling and processing artworks from Indigenous Art Centres
  • The importance of quality artworks, consignments, certificate of authenticity and biographies from artists and Indigenous Art Centres
  • The importance of titling and stories. 

Art Mob has over 16 years’ experience and knowledge in the arts industry and has worked extensively with Indigenous Art Centres around Australia. Art Mob has expertise in critiquing sensitive and important art works for the protection, preservation and continuation of all mediums of Indigenous Australian arts.



24 – 28 April 2017



Lockhart River, Queensland

Key stats

  • 14 people engaged in the project - 10 artists; 3 staff; 1 Art Centre Manager; 2 facilitators
  • 29 new works were created


$15,000 – Backing Indigenous Arts Capacity Building Initiative

The Queensland Government’s landmark Backing Indigenous Arts (BIA) Initiative aimed at building sustainable and ethical Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts industries. Capacity building is a key component within the BIA initiative and is focused on working with the sector to develop skills and knowledge through workshops, mentoring, connector events and online tools.


  • The Lockhart River artists gained a better understanding of the processes for exhibiting and selling art work in a gallery. 
  • Artists particularly noted that when preparing work to send, it is important for artworks to have a title and story as Titled artworks are easier to sell.
  • The workshop led to new opportunities for Lockhart River artists to exhibit artworks including the Art Mob Fine Aboriginal Art Gallery in Hobart in June 2017 and January 2018, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair July 2017, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair August 2017 and Booker Lowe Gallery in Houston Texas USA from October 2017-December 2017.
  • Further workshops were held in 2017 including Capacity Building Workshop 2 with, facilitator Justin Bishop, Director KickArts Contemporary Gallery Cairns, April 2017 and Arts Law Australia Workshop, Lockhart River Arts Centre, June 2017.
  • Lockhart River stated “Arts Queensland’s support through BIA provides a fundamental rock-solid foundation in the retention of Indigenous cultural practices and traditions from Lockhart River through the Art Centre and artist."

Artist comments

So this is Euan from Art Mob, we always hear about him.  He talk proper good about them way for we do proper good artwork for gallery.  I am happy because he come over with his wife and shares his knowledge.  Everyone have to work proper good so many people can buy our art. Artist, Evelyn Omeenyo 

Yeah … I think it was a good idea from Art Centre Manager getting good support from Arts Queensland for this workshop.  I learnt that when we send artworks to galleries, the work doesn’t stop because they have to go through more steps to do until artwork is sold to a customer.  This is my first time to meet a gallery owner too so it was important time for our Art Centre. Art Centre staff, Johanne Omeenyo 


The short, medium and long term benefits from the successful capacity building workshops has strengthened Lockhart River Art Centre’s working business relations with Art Mob and led to delivery of higher quality artwork finish to galleries.

What next?

Workshops planned for 2018 include: 

  • Artist development workshops in, March, May, September, November at Lockhart River Arts Centre, 
  • Arts Centre staff on-job training and workshop, customer service, art centre back studio operations, artworks distribution and logistics in  March, June, August 
  • Lockhart River Primary School Students Traditional Spear Painting, Every Friday weekly, 2018; Term 1 and 2, Hosted by Lockhart River Art Centre Artists. Spears will be used by Lockhart River dancers at 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

For further information

Mr Enoch Perazim, Corporation Manager

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation, Queensland




A pdf version (PDF) (2.09 MB) of this case study is available.