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Social media


101 Social Media
A beginner's guide to social media. 

Arts Access Australia – DIY Social Media Plan
A checklist for developing a social media plan for your project.

Department of Communication and the Arts – Marketing with Social Media
Tips on using social media.

Digital Engagement Framework
A guide to designing your digital engagement strategy including free templates, workbooks and e-books.

Queensland Government – Using social media to market your business: the basics
A step-by-step guide and additional resources for developing your social media plan.

Tourism Research Australia – Get Social and Improve Your Event Toolkit
Tips, tricks, step-by-step guides, downloadable templates and checklists for developing a social media strategy for your event. 

Social media House Rules
It is advisable to develop House Rules and encourage your social media community to abide by the terms when participating across your social media channels. You House Rules should clearly state the purpose of your social channel and identify inappropriate content that will be removed by the administrator. View Arts Queensland's social media House Rules.