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Events and Workshops

The following events provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge, build connections and access industry intelligence.

Events listed are supported by or align with our Arts Acumen program and are accurate at time of publishing. If you have an event you would like to submit for consideration, please email

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of industry and professional development events and workshops.  


Building a Case for Support Masterclass

In this masterclass, globally-renowned strategic brand consultant Jane Wentworth, will deliver a step-by-step guide for arts organisations to develop their strongest case for support. Jane will show you how to understand your audience and craft your narrative and she will provide proven strategies for effectively sharing your vision with the world. Read more...

Location: Brisbane

Date: 15 March 2019

Effective financial management

This workshop has a focus on enabling you to become confident with finance terminology and to understand the linkage between effective financial management and your business strategies. Read more...

Location: Brisbane, Cairns (TBC)

Date: 11 April 2019

How to Leverage Social Media to Raise Your Profile

In this workshop, award-winning content marketing strategist, presenter and author Cas McCollugh shares how to reach the right people, in the right way and at the right time on social media. Read more...

Location: Brisbane

Date: 26 May 2019

How to: Professionalise Your Practice

Workshop for Artists and Arts workers facilitated by Elysha Rei. Learn how to mind your own business and set yourself up for success in this one-day workshop on administration for professional artists. Be ‘opportunity-ready’ and get the lowdown on: industry standards and expectations; what makes a polished portfolio; social media necessities and communication etiquette; and skills for scheduling and project management. Read more...

Location: Tafe QLD Southbank

Date: 24 February 2019

Record keeping for small business

This workshop provides businesses with information about how to effectively keep your business running using the ATO online tools and resources. Read more...

Location: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tewantin-Noosa, Beaudesert

Date: Various - between 19 March 2019 to 11 April 2019


How to Diversify Your Income Streams for a Sustainable Practice

This webinar focuses on the various ways that artists can find and receive support in the quest of keeping an art practice alive. Read more...

Location: Online

Date: 19 Sep 2019

How to Take Control of Your Arts-Based Finances

If you are about to fill in your tax return, take a break and watch this video for relevant updates and some great advice for Artists and Artsworkers. Read more...

Location: Online

Date: 11 July 2019

How To: Utilise Indigenous Art and Protocols in the Classroom

In this webinar - learn how Indigenous art concepts can be used in the classroom, and gain an understanding of Indigenous protocols in context. Robyn Heckenberg presents case studies and practical solutions that reflect on Country/Place, Culture and People, and the expectations of the National Curriculum framework. Addressing the topic from the point of view of Indigenous local community expectations, she draws on ideas that come more broadly from Indigenous arts practitioners, Elders, authors and art support organisations. Read more...

Location: Online

Date: 7 March 2019

Record keeping and budgeting

This webinar provides business owners with information about maintaining and keeping accurate records. Read more...

Location: Online

Date: Various

Online Courses

Arts and Culture Strategy

Presented by National Arts Strategies, this course will help arts and culture professionals define value and mission, understand the environment and how best to compete and collaborate, understand the role of the leader, cultivate a personal view of the role arts and culture play in society, and the value they create and how to effectively communicate to those both in and outside the field Read more...

Location: Online

Date: Anytime (5 week course)

Digital Branding and Engagement

Presented by edX, this course will teach you about this shift and how it has altered the way brands communicate with their audiences. You will learn about the challenges of managing a digital brand and how rich and compelling content, combined with digital distribution, are integral to brand engagement Read more...

Location: Online

Date: Anytime (4 week course)

Introduction to marketing

Marketing is a crucial function in all businesses and organizations, and is becoming increasingly crucial to success in our modern global economy. Presented by eX, this course, regardless of your industry background, will teach you core concepts and tools to help you better understand and excel in marketing Read more...

Location:  Online

Date:  Anytime (6 week course)

Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture

Presented by National Arts Strategies, this course will help those in the performing arts, museums, libraries and other cultural organisations build environments where new management and program ideas are created, shared, evaluated and the best ones are successfully put to work Read more...

Location: Online

Date: Anytime (8 week course)