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Arts greatest stats

Statistics play a vital role in providing evidence of the value of the arts. We take a look at some of our most popular arts statistic posts.

20 Oct 2016

Increasing peace using arts

Art has the power to do many things including heal. In Queensland Mental Health Week, Jane Griffin, CEO of Friends of HEAL Foundation charity talks about arts programs which support young people of refugee backgrounds.


10 Oct 2016

Bust a move

From Brisbane to LA and So You Think You Can Dance? Ali Phillips, Director of Bust a Move Dance shares her experiences of starting the program for young people with a disability and where it has taken them…

14 Sep 2016

BRB, on tour

Luke Harriman, Creative Broker arTour, is the go-to-guy for getting your production tour-ready, finding funding and knowing your audience. We sat down with Luke to pick his brain about all things touring… 

9 Sep 2016

Contracts, insurance and copyright - knowing your legal rights and obligations

In this week's tip, we look at the legal issues artists and creative businesses need to consider.

8 Sep 2016

Mixing Paint & Pixels: Considering a ‘Tra-digital’ approach in visual arts

By the time our 21st Century children hit secondary school age, it’s almost certainly a personal mobile device that is their most utilised creative tool.  Cathy Hunt, educational consultant, author and St Hilda’s School Visual Art teacher, talks about the integration of digital technologies in the visual arts class rooms.

5 Sep 2016

Tips for pricing and valuing artistic time and work

In this week’s tip for emerging creatives, we look at how to price and value artistic time and work.

25 Aug 2016

Blues on a train

Chris Fisher and Abby Smith Fisher talk about the development of Destination Blues, a Queensland musical steam train experience.

24 Aug 2016

Creative ageing: What do we need to consider?

As Seniors Week is celebrated in Queensland, Neal Price discusses the approach to Creative Ageing in Queensland and some of the projects occurring around the state.

15 Aug 2016