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Top 4 outcomes from the Individuals Fund

With the Individuals Fund open for applicants, we take a look at the top 4 outcomes for applicants who have received funding over the past three years…

Arts Queensland’s Individuals Fund supports individual emerging and established artists and cultural workers to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities.

Since opening in 2013, the Fund has supported emerging and established arts and cultural workers across a diverse and dynamic range of activities.

Activities funded have varied in practice from international internships, residencies, and attendance at national and international showcases to arts industry markets, participation in key workshops and conferences and research for new publications. 

We have summarised the top four outcomes based on what recipients1 have told us: 


Image of the number oneIncrease in skills and knowledge 

9 in 10 recipients identified that participation in funded activities helped develop their skills and knowledge. This was achieved through learning new techniques and skills or building on existing knowledge.

The types of skills developed varied widely depending on art form specialisations. Recipients also developed new project management and presentation skills.



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New and different approaches to practice

Almost 9 in 10 recipients explored new directions in their arts or cultural practice and/or experimented with innovative techniques.

Examples include: presenting work in new ways or on a larger scale, developing new skills and techniques, incorporating new choreographic styles into performance and exploring new musical forms and instrumentation.


image of the number 3Expansion and development of networks

8 in 10 recipients believe participation in funded activities supported the development and expansion of their industry networks. Building on or establishing new national and international networks led to further opportunities such as: 
•    collaborating on new projects
•    securing new contracts 
•    receiving invitations to exhibit or speak at conferences.

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Development of new markets and audiences

Recipients reported activities they undertook often generated new audiences and opened up markets. The experience of increased exposure also provided new insights into national and international market development.



Apply for the Individuals Fund by 6 September 2016.

More information about the Individuals Fund

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Further information about the Individuals Fund and how to apply is available on the Arts Queensland website, as are lists of previous recipients.

Additional support and resources are available through the Arts Acumen initiative. Arts Acumen promotes collaboration, entrepreneurship and future thinking to strengthen sustainability in Queensland’s arts sector. 

1. Data is based on 46 acquittal reports.