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Individuals Fund - 2015 applications

With the Individuals Fund now open for applications, we are sharing some interesting information about the Fund from 2015.

The Arts Queensland Individuals Fund is for individual artists and cultural workers (emerging and established) to participate in transformational professional and career development opportunities.

We have summarised eight key facts about applications during 2015 to the Individuals Fund:


figure 1$130,742 was invested in 28 individuals (XLSX) (22.71 KB). 


The average grant amount was $4,669.


The figure 3The overall success rate was 24% (from 117 applicants).


On average, applicants requested 50% of their total budget from the Individuals Fund (44% for successful applicants).


Visual arts, craft and design dominated art form representation for both applications submitted and applications recommended for funding. The distribution of applications by art form is availabe in this data table (XLSX) (9.22 KB) .


the figure 675% of successful applicants identified as emerging artists.


the figure 7The Funds’ 117 applicants identified as one or more of the following groups:

Target groups

This chart is also available as a data table (XLSX) (11.72 KB) .


figure 8 Successful applicants identified seven different Australian locations and 34 overseas locations for their projects:

Successful project locations are also available as a list (DOCX) (13.43 KB) .


Information about completed projects with reflections and advice from recipients can be found on the Case Studies page.

Information about successful applicants can be found on the Open data portal.

Arts Queensland can provide you with helpful tips and resources to assist with your funding application. These resources can be found at Arts Acumen. Arts Acumen will support individuals and organisations across Queensland by providing resources, information and opportunities to foster knowledge, growth, connection and access to industry intelligence.